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What is the construction principle of spring thimble and how to apply it

time:2021-03-05 Views:270

  The pogo pins on the market are mainly composed of three parts. Namely needle, needle tube and spring. The spring thimble formed by three basic parts riveted by precision instruments. In its production process, it can produce the most suitable spring thimble according to the customer's product needs, which is achieved by increasing or decreasing the production process.

What is the construction principle of spring thimble and how to apply it(图1)

  With the advancement of technology, the manufacturing level and quality of the pogo pin has been continuously improved, and its application range has become wider and wider. Many of the commonly used electronic products require the use of pogo pins, such as positioning devices, smart watches, smart phones, drones, and data cables.

  In addition, in industry, spring thimble also has many applications. For example, aviation, aerospace, military communications, telecommunications equipment, automation and industrial equipment, automobiles, car navigation, etc. These areas are using it extensively. That is, the scope of use of spring thimble basically involves all walks of life.

  The spring thimble is a product with a very wide range of applications, which is widely used in both industrial production and daily life. It is currently the most widely applicable connector among electronic connectors. With the development and progress of electronic technology and the improvement of production technology, spring thimble will be better and better applied to our electronic products.