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Problems that need to be paid attention to when making spring thimble

time:2021-03-05 Views:277

  Everyone is relatively new to spring thimble. This is because it is widely used in people's daily life such as other thimble. Only in some professional fields will you be exposed to it. In order for everyone to use it better, what issues should be paid attention to when making spring thimble?

Problems that need to be paid attention to when making spring thimble(图1)

  1. Spring thimble is widely used in some professional fields in people's lives. Therefore, in the process of making it, professional processing is also needed. This requires everyone to choose the range of space formation. Strict control. Because there is ample space. That is, there are requirements for moderation. If the space is too large, it will cause some undesirable situations such as inadequate contact.

  2. Pay more attention to the material of the pogo pin. Since the production of pogo pins requires the choice of electroplating film; this process is very important. If the quality of the selected electroplating film is poor, the effect of the pogo pin will be different, and for this reason, its service life will be different.

  3. Many times, inadvertently, the pogo pin may wear out due to some friction. Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to the thickness of the plating film, that is, the thickness of the plating film should be appropriate.