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In which industries are 5G radio frequency pogo pins usually used?

time:2021-03-08 Views:171

  Pogo Pin is a spring-type probe formed by the three basic parts of a needle (Plunger), a needle tube (Tube) and a spring (Spring) after being riveted by a precision instrument. It is also called a pogo pin, a spring thimble, and a spring probe. , SpringLoaded, Pogo Pin connector. The bottom of the Pogo Pin's Plunger is generally an inclined surface structure. The function of the inclined surface structure is to keep the 5G radio frequency pogo pin thimble in contact with the inner wall of the needle (Plunger) and the needle tube (Tube) during operation, so that the current mainly passes through the gold-plated needle ( Plunger) and tube (Tube) to ensure the stability and low impedance of the Pogo Pin.

In which industries are 5G radio frequency pogo pins usually used?(图1)

  Pogo Pin is usually a precision connection used in electronic products such as mobile phones, communications, automobiles, medical treatment, aerospace, etc.; because 5G radio frequency pogo pin thimble is a very fine probe, the volume can be very small, so it is used in precision The connector can reduce the weight of the connector, save space, and beautify the appearance of products (for example: ultra-thin mobile phones, smart watches, etc.).