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How to make the probe connector work?

time:2021-03-08 Views:215

  As we all know, the probe type connector has a very important role, and it can indeed help people better deal with the problems in production and life, so how to make it play a better role? Let’s take a look at it with Tyco Hanze’s editor.

How to make the probe connector work?(图1)

  One is to choose the right products:

  Since the quality and performance of the product are the basis for its function, it cannot be played well without a good product. In fact, in order to better show the role of the connector, we have to choose the well-known company in the market. For products, it is also necessary to purchase connectors with high technical content, good craftsmanship, and high cost performance, so that the experience and durability of use can be better enhanced.

  The second is to ensure good contact sensing of the probe type connector:

  Since many of its materials are made of metal, if you want to play its role better, you must fully make the metal contact to achieve better results when connecting, and at the same time make it have a relatively small distribution Capacitors and distributed inductances, especially in high frequency bands, should be equipped with some impedance matching elements to stimulate their effects.

  Third, pay attention to waterproofing, especially to keep the connector away from a humid environment:

  Because if water enters, its internal electronic components and circuits will be damaged, so it will not be able to produce corresponding effects. More attention should be paid to make the antenna radiation farther away from the motherboard and its components. At the same time, in the metal battery cover, the ultra-thin model is designed to leave enough space for better use, so these are when we use it. Pay attention.