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Factors that cause damage to the pogo pin connector

time:2021-03-09 Views:123

  One, the electric connection wire or the wire clamp is not enough current to be burned or broken.

  2. The electrical connection wires are severely scattered, causing the strands to be burned or the wires to be burned.

  Third, the electrical connection wire is corroded so badly that the cross-sectional flow surface is insufficient and the strand or wire is burned.

  Fourth, the electrical connection wire and the wire clamp are in poor contact or the power supply wire clamp and the contact wire are in poor contact, causing burns.

Factors that cause damage to the pogo pin connector(图1)

  5. Wire clamps and clues are insufficient in contact with the current-carrying surface, causing burns.

  6. A loosening of the clamp nut in a certain place was not discovered and dealt with in time, causing the electrical connector to fall off.

  Seven. After the pogo pin connector is installed, there is no temperature change offset reserved or the offset reserved too little.

  8. After the pogo pin connector is installed, the reserved value of temperature change offset becomes larger, and the vertical electrical connection line between the load-bearing cable and the contact line relaxes until it relaxes to the lower part of the contact line, and the pantograph is in operation. Broken or cut off. The distance between the bottom ring of the vertical part and the contact line is too small, and it is damaged by the pantograph.

  Nine, the installation of the power supply clamp on the contact wire was skewed and knocked off by the pantograph, which resulted in a bow slashing accident.

  10. A bow cut appeared in other positions of the catenary, and the pantograph continued to operate to the place where the connector was installed, and the electrical connector was broken.