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Application range of pogopin waterproof connector in military and aviation

time:2021-03-10 Views:150

  The pogopin waterproof connector consists of a detachable plug and socket located in a cylindrical metal or plastic plug shell. When the time comes, the shells can be connected together with a screw thread, a mouth, or a push-plug outer Kara-type coupling ring. The contact piece (hole) is inserted in the plastic or glass insulating material (sealed type) in the dense mounting plate. The contact is a cylindrical pin, which is embedded in the insulating board. The contact ends can be welded or crimped; the mounting board has a variety of contact hole position arrangements, and the number of contacts is determined by the contact specification (current transmission capacity) and working voltage; and the prevention of mis-insertion and multiple positioning methods. Contacts are generally made of copper alloy, and the surface is plated with gold or tin. The mounting board material is confirmed according to the structure and performance requirements, usually: nylon, sulfone, carbonate, S, poly ABDAP, aldehyde plastic, phenol melamine-aldehyde resin, acid resin, epoxy resin, methanol, etc. The shell is often made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and high-quality stainless steel is used for warm applications. In industrial applications, plastic shells are also used.

Application range of pogopin waterproof connector in military and aviation(图1)

  The cylindrical structure of the pogopin waterproof connector has natural sturdiness:

  It has higher strength and weight ratio than any other shape. It is easy to use in standard machine tool processing, relatively easy to seal, easy to insert and disconnect. Simple and firm locking mechanism. Ten years of technological development has given it a complete and reasonable process and high reliability. Therefore, it is required to use multi-contact connector to realize the interconnection between components and cables, and the pogopin waterproof connector is a good choice.

  Pogopin waterproof connectors are mainly used in military and avionics equipment:

  The requirements of military equipment are the main driving force for the development of pogopin waterproof connector technology and the market. The 1960s and 1970s were the heyday of its development. The use of circular military connectors in the United States accounted for 80% of the total pogopin waterproof connector market. About 1% of the total connector market sales, accounting for 5%, ranking second only to printed circuits in the market share of various connectors Connector. Then it gradually dropped to third place, behind the rectangular connector.