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What is the development trend of POGOPIN technology?

time:2021-03-10 Views:258

  The traditional connector design is limited by physical space, and the terminals will fail due to mechanical stress, repeated insertion and removal, and current overload. Connectors are components of many different plastic and metal parts. In addition to industry standards, they are not subject to size , Restrictions on shape. The following technologies replace or enhance the functions of connectors: solder ball connections, hard wiring, cable assemblies, IC serialization, and signal conditioning. The application of connectors will also shift to higher-level packaging, such as switching from chip packaging to motherboard packaging to meet the requirements of a single IC (IC package level) three-dimensional system-in-package. These factors will have a revolutionary impact on the development of the connector industry. The development of higher-density chips, the cooperation of system packaging and connector selection; the size and shape of the connector jump to the next stage.

What is the development trend of POGOPIN technology?(图1)

  main points:

  Semiconductor technology continues to expand or eliminate the application field of connectors.

  The connector performance affected by semiconductor technology includes transmission speed, terminal density, heat dissipation performance, wireless requirements...

  The connector industry has become more adaptable to environmental standards (such as RoHS/WEEE).

  Technology trends include smaller terminal sizes of connectors and connector signal integrity at higher frequencies.

  Further development of materials and process technology.

  The emergence of nanotechnology has brought breakthroughs in material technology.

  If PCB and electronic packaging enter the "micron" field, connector terminals will enter the 0.1mm era, and there will be new breakthroughs in connector fine processing equipment and technology.