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How to maintain pogopin spring thimble to extend its life?

time:2021-03-10 Views:118

  The pogopin spring thimble mainly has a connection function, and its application is very wide, from the mobile phone antenna thimble to the aerospace equipment, so its role is particularly powerful, in order to make the pogopin spring thimble can work better and have a service life It becomes longer, which requires us to take good care of the pogopin spring thimble, so how to maintain the pogopin spring thimble? Let's take a look at Wan Chang's editor.

How to maintain pogopin spring thimble to extend its life?(图1)

  1. The use process of pogopin spring thimble:

  Special attention should be paid to some problems during use, so as to better extend the life of the connector, and the battery contacts or FPC golden fingers that are paired with the connector must not be dirty, oxidized, etc., residual sealing liquid, and others. Dirty residues, etc., to ensure that the surface is clean and tidy.

  2. When pogopin spring thimble is moving:

  When moving or moving, prevent the connector from contacting hard objects to avoid scratching the connector. When the product is stacked, do not put it under heavy objects to avoid crushing the connector.

  Three, pogopin spring thimble in the storage process:

  In the usual storage process, it is necessary to ensure that the room has suitable temperature and humidity. Too high temperature or too high humidity will affect its existence to a certain extent, and do not store pogopin spring thimble with some chemical products, which may cause damage It is corroded to a certain extent, so that its outer surface layer loses protective measures, resulting in certain damage, and has a certain impact on its function.