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Problems that should be paid attention to in the selection of pogopin connector applications

time:2021-03-11 Views:167

  With the rise of smart wearables, mobile phones are becoming thinner and lighter, and the demand for high-current connectors is rapidly being charged. This makes the use of pogopin connectors (spring thimble connectors) more frequent. Smart digital products currently on the market Basically, Pogopin connectors are used. Only some low-end products may still use shrapnel-type connectors. Let's take a look together.

Problems that should be paid attention to in the selection of pogopin connector applications(图1)

  1. Pogopin connector working stroke selection;

  The choice of pogopin connector must be determined according to the space of the product used, and the one that is selected within the working stroke range; too small space will cause the spring of the pogopin connector to be over-compressed, which will have a great impact on its service life. If it is too large, it may lead to inadequate contact, unstable impedance, and instantaneous disconnection.

  2, the choice of electroplating materials;

  Electroplating materials in pogopin connectors can enhance conductivity, prevent oxidation, anti-wear and other effects. Different materials have different effects. Just like gold, it has good electrical conductivity. For high-current connectors, impedance requirements are required. Gao's products usually choose electroplated gold.

  3. What are the effects of plating film thickness.

  The pogopin connector will have a certain amount of friction during work due to a certain contact, and it will wear out for a long time. The thickness of the electroplating film has a particularly large impact on the service life of the product. The electroplating layer will be worn away when used to a certain extent. , The resistance may be too large and the impedance may be unstable. The electroplating layer of pogopin of 100,000 times must be thicker than that of 10,000 times. Therefore, please choose electroplating requirements according to your needs when selecting products.

  4. The influence of elasticity.

  The contact force of the pogopin connector comes from its internal spring. The elastic force of the spring has a direct impact on the impedance and stability of the pogopin; too much elastic force will increase the friction coefficient and affect the service life of the pogopin.