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What are the six structure types of common spring thimble connectors

time:2021-03-11 Views:107

  The new era of the 21st century is also the era of mobile Internet. It is natural that there are many high-tech electronic products in this era. Walking on the street, looking around, almost all electronic products, especially mobile phones that everyone loves. In fact, a new type of electronic product appears on the market today, that is, a spring thimble connector specially used for charging connection. Moreover, it is also called a charging pin and a probe connector, etc., so there is no doubt that it is mainly used to connect and charge. Next, Wanchang's editor will introduce the six product structure types of spring thimble connectors.

What are the six structure types of common spring thimble connectors(图1)

  Flat bottom type: This type of structure is particularly stable, and the bottom of its needle tube is a flat bottom design, so it is easier to solder to the PCB board.

  Plug-in type: The needle tube tail of the spring thimble connector has positioning pins, so there will be absolutely no deviation during welding. More importantly, its positioning effect is good.

  bending type: the tail is bent, so that the designer can have more choices in the use of space.

  Double head type: The double head double action design allows engineers to have more space flexibility in the board-to-board bidirectional connection.

  Wire welding type: suitable for cable end, very easy to weld with the wire.

  Threaded type: Products with special specifications can meet the different needs of customers and can be customized according to customer needs.

  The current level of economic development in our country is well known, and domestic science and technology are constantly updated, so there is no doubt that domestic electronic products will become more and more. With the continuous increase in the number and types of electronic products, this means that people's lives will become more enjoyable. In addition, there are many types of shape and structure of spring thimble, and the functional characteristics of each type are different, so everyone must use each kind of spring thimble connector correctly.