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What are the requirements for the price of spring thimble connectors?

time:2021-03-12 Views:105

  The structure of the spring thimble connector is simple, but it is not easy to manufacture. Let's follow Wanchang to understand the price of spring thimble connector according to what requirements?

  First, the volume of the spring thimble connector

  The larger the volume and the longer the diameter of the spring thimble connector, the more material will be consumed; the price will naturally be more expensive. And if the size of the spring thimble connector is too small and the precision requirements are too high, the price will rise. At this time, the manufacturer will consider the price from the design and production time. The size of the spring thimble connector is too small, and the design requirements are very strict. The wear and tear is also particularly long.

What are the requirements for the price of spring thimble connectors?(图1)

  Second, the process requirements of spring thimble connectors

  Take the spring thimble connector 2.0mm long; 1.5mm diameter single needle as an example. When the needle does not require special treatment, this price is the most affordable. If the needle needs to be punched or requires another special process At that time, the price will rise. There are also many types of needle tubes for spring thimble connectors: double-ended single needle, single needle with tail, side-welded single needle and surface mount single needle. The price of surface mount single needle is the most affordable. The other processes will be more difficult than the surface-mount single-needle process.

  Third, the electroplating of spring thimble connectors

  The electroplating of the spring thimble connector is a particularly important link. When using different products, the electroplating of the spring thimble connector has different requirements. When the customer requires the product to bear a large current, a thicker gold layer is required to meet the customer’s requirements. For product requirements, the spring thimble connector will be gold-plated as long as the gold-plated 3U is above the spring thimble connector to ensure better product quality and higher product requirements. Of course, the higher the price of spring thimble connectors with thicker gold layers.

  Fourth, the assembly of spring thimble connector

  There are many forms of assembly of spring thimble connectors. For example, some are directly riveted and made by plastic assembly, and some have to add cap buckles on this basis. Different assembly methods have different prices.

  In short, the spring thimble depends on the size, craftsmanship, electroplating, and assembly of the manufacturing process, such as the difficulty of the manufacturing process, the labor time and the wastage of the product.