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Manufacturing method of spring contact

time:2021-03-12 Views:234

  The existing spring contact is mainly composed of an upper contact pin, a lower contact pin and a spring. The upper contact pin and the lower contact pin are assembled to be slidable up and down, and the upper contact pin and the lower contact pin are elastically supported by the spring. . Therefore, through the elastic force of the spring, the upper contact pin is pressurized against the terminal of the IC, and the lower contact pin is pressurized against the PCB to achieve electrical contact.

Manufacturing method of spring contact(图1)

  This spring contact has the function of electrically connecting the terminals of the PCB and the IC, and is the core component of the socket used to test the IC. The existing spring contacts are difficult to minimize the outer diameter of the spring. In order to make a spring contact with an outer diameter of 0.2mm, the wire diameter of the spring and the shape and size of the upper and lower contact pins will become extremely small. It is difficult to process and assemble at the current technical level. Therefore, in mass production and There are difficulties in quality, and there are limitations in the structure of contacts for extremely small pitches that are too expensive. Pogopin is a kind of hardware that conducts current and transmits signals. Many friends also call it a signal pin. It can realize the power or conduction function. Most of them are in contact with the copper wall through the pogopin needle obliquely below, and the pogopin thimble spring bears A small amount of gravity, so the inner wall of the copper sleeve is required to be smooth. Pogopin has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, high stability and high durability. So what is the composition of the pogopin produced by the manufacturer?

  The pogopin pogopin is mainly composed of a needle shaft, a spring, and a needle tube. After the three parts are aligned, it uses a riveting precision instrument to form a spring probe after riveting and preloading. Its internal structure is a precision spring structure. During the production process, pogopin manufacturers will make its surface gold-plated, which can better improve its anti-corrosion function, mechanical performance, electrical performance and so on. The needle tip has sharp needles, claw needles, round needles, knife needles and so on. Because of its special and precise structure, it is widely used in precision connectors, which can reduce the weight and appearance of the connector to a large extent, and can make smart devices more exquisite and beautiful.

  Pogopin pogo pins can now be used in many industries. With the widespread use of electronic devices, especially the popularization of mobile terminal devices, many products cannot leave pogopin. For example, the antenna used in the mobile phone to receive signals will be applied to it as a mobile phone signal transmission device. Its advantages are strong anti-interference ability and low inductance. In addition to the pogopin used in mobile phones, it can be seen on many wearable devices, such as smart watches, smart bracelets, smart shoes, locators, Bluetooth headsets, and only school bags. In addition, pogopin is also widely used in smart homes, medical equipment, industrial equipment, drones, smart robots, car navigation, military communications, aerospace and other scientific and technological fields.