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The price of pogo pins

time:2021-03-12 Views:190

  Spring thimble connector (English name: pogo pin); It is composed of three main parts: needle, needle tube, and spring. It seems that the structure is very simple, but the processing is not as simple as imagined. Many people don't understand its price. In fact, its price will be affected by many aspects. Let's take a look at it together.

The price of pogo pins(图1)

  As long as it is a commodity, there will be a price, and the same is true for spring thimble connectors; usually, the price quoted by the product will have a professional quotation department. The main quotations are based on: the size of the order, the difficulty of the manufacturing process, and the electroplating Comprehensive estimation of factors such as requirements, material requirements, delivery time, standard parts or customized parts, etc.

  For general standard parts, the order quantity and delivery date affect the price. Customers with tight delivery dates and smaller order quantities will definitely have higher prices than those with large order quantities and loose delivery dates. The quotation of customized spring thimble connector products will be more complicated. For example, some products cannot share standard parts molds, so mold costs will be incurred; customers who require thicker electroplating will have relatively higher prices because of springs. The thimble connector is electroplated with gold, and the price of gold is particularly high; therefore, its price will be relatively high, and some customized products of customers are particularly small in size, and the travel requirements are particularly high, which also increases the processing Difficulty, in order to ensure the quality of the product, we will make a special fixture for this product to process and assemble, so the price will be relatively higher.