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How to control the production quality of spring thimble in the processing process?

time:2021-03-12 Views:211

  The spring thimble is a small accessory on the mold. The finished product looks simple, but the actual processing requirements are not so simple. If the quality and manufacturing process are not well controlled during processing, problems will easily occur during use, which will shorten the life of the thimble. For precision parts such as spring thimble, there are problems in every process in the processing process, which may have a serious impact on the product. So, for the processing of spring thimble, what kind of requirements do we have in the processing process?

How to control the production quality of spring thimble in the processing process?(图1)

  1. Quality control during stamping:

  Like most products, the production of pogo pins is also started by stamping. Under the action of the punching machine, the metal parts make the metal raw material stroke the required punching shape. In the production of spring thimble, the large coil of metal material is sent to the punching machine through the conveyor belt, and the finished product is formed by punching. In this whole process, if you can ensure that there are no errors and no related quality problems, then you can prevent undesirable conditions such as curling and scratching.

  2. Electroplating control of connector manufacturers:

  After the stamping process is completed, the spring thimble will proceed to the next process of electroplating. In this link, all kinds of complicated and strict treatments are also performed on the thimble, so that the thimble can be better placed in the electroplating equipment after being twisted, broken, and deformed. After electroplating, the spring thimble will change color, and the plating color is required to be uniform and normal, and it will be adjusted according to the actual situation on the spot.

  3. Strict testing standards:

  After the above two processing links are completed, there is another link, which is to conduct quality and performance tests on the products made in the first two links, and decide whether to ship or rework according to the test results.

  Therefore, every processing link of the spring thimble cannot be ignored. For the precision parts of the spring thimble, we must pay attention to these misunderstandings when processing. Control the quality of each spring thimble to prevent unnecessary troubles.