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The selective use of spring thimble in space

time:2021-03-13 Views:196

  The selective use of spring thimble in space

  One, surface mount

  Spring thimble is generally installed in a stable way, and the bottom of the needle tube is a flat bottom design, so we can use vertical or horizontal packaging, which makes it easier to solder with PCB. In addition, some needles have positioning needles at the end, so there will be no offset, and the effect will be better.

The selective use of spring thimble in space(图1)

  2. Straight solder tail installation method

  Common plug-in package, convenient for welding. In addition, we often use the tail bending plug-in package, which also gives spring thimble manufacturers more options in terms of space utilization.

  Three, floating installation

  is mainly to use double-head double-acting design, which is more suitable for connection without welding pressure, allowing engineers to make more space flexibility when making two-way board-to-board connections.

  There are many other installation methods for pogo pin. We still have to choose according to our actual situation.

  Fpc connector model:

  1, PITCH (pitch) value: 0.5mm 0.8mm 1.0mm 1.25mm 2.0mm 2.54m;

  2, the number of connector screens: 4P-60P;

  3. Model: top connection, bottom connection, double row, single row, curved needle 90°, straight needle 180°, with lock (drawer type, clamshell type), etc.;

  Waterproof connectors are mainly electronic components with waterproof function that work in water. The waterproof grade standard is divided according to the IP code. When the IP is 8, it can work for a long time under high water pressure without water ingress. This is a higher level of protection for waterproof connectors.

  From the market perspective, waterproof connectors are indispensable. In construction, power cords, network cables, etc. are needed, and these need to be connected with waterproof connectors. If they are not waterproof, it is easy to make cables and wires become useless.