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What are the functions of the spring thimble connector and its structure?

time:2021-03-13 Views:175

  The new era of the 21st century is also the era of mobile Internet, this era has many high-tech electronic products. Walking on the street, you can see everywhere, they are all electronic products, especially mobile phones that everyone loves. In fact, a new type of electronic product has appeared on the market today, that is, a spring thimble connector specially used for charging connection. Moreover, it is also called a charging pin and a probe connector, etc., so there is no doubt that its main purpose is to connect and charge. Let's take a look at the three product structure types of spring thimble connectors with Wanchang.

What are the functions of the spring thimble connector and its structure?(图1)

  The spring thimble connector is widely used in electronic communications, mechanical equipment, new energy vehicles, furniture and other products. Its main function is to have the function of connecting and transmitting signals. If there is a problem with the spring thimble connector, yes The use and function of the entire product have a great impact. In order to stabilize the performance of the connector, the needles of the spring thimble connector are mainly divided into the following types:

  1. Inclined spring thimble connector structure

  The design concept of POGO PIN spring thimble can ensure low and stable contact impedance, and can absolutely ensure the stable conduction of the product.

  2. Back-drilling spring thimble connector structure

  The length of the matching spring of the POGO PIN design can exceed the length of the needle tube. Under the condition of limited space, the design of reverse drilling can obtain stable elastic force and stroke.

  3. Flat bottom spring thimble connector structure

  In this design, due to the structure of the spring thimble needle and the spring thimble needle tube in some cases, the current cannot go through the needle tube, and the tube wall will follow the spring, which will cause the resistance to be too large, and the voltage will drop significantly. , Causing the current instability of electronic products.