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Factors affecting the volume of pogopin spring thimble

time:2021-03-15 Views:240

  At present, domestic science and technology are increasingly developing at a high speed, and technology companies are also producing large amounts of intelligent equipment. More importantly, they are also committed to simplifying the size of the equipment, that is, the smaller it is. At the same time, their requirements for the miniaturization of pogopin spring thimble have also become higher, so as to better meet the needs of users and their consumer experience. So, what factors will directly affect the size of the pogopin spring thimble? Let’s take a look with Wan Chang’s editor.

Factors affecting the volume of pogopin spring thimble(图1)

  1. Design and material selection:

  Therefore, there is no doubt that the key factors affecting the size of the pogopin spring thimble are the design and material selection. The core of its design is the elastic pin. To form high contact strength, low contact resistance and maintain performance in thousands of plugs and unplugs, beryllium copper materials with special tensile annealing properties must be selected. At the same time, the main specifications of the thickness and length of the beryllium copper and the shape can ensure the long life and durability of the pogopin spring thimble micro connector pin.

  Second, durability depends on good installation design:

  Force and acceleration are key factors for testing the strength of pogopin spring thimble in harsh applications. Because of its reasonable mounting bracket, the nano-pogopin spring thimble can withstand vibrations and shocks of more than 10,000Gs. In addition, if you want to ensure that the pogopin spring thimble you buy is of high-end quality, you must go to the local regular and professional charging pin manufacturer to buy high-quality products.

  In general, the current pogopin spring top occupies a pivotal position for people, and the pogopin spring thimble also has a particularly broad field. More importantly, the small size pogopin spring thimble connector is more conducive to people's carrying .