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How can spring thimble be waterproof

time:2021-03-16 Views:140

  The rapid development of electronic equipment, many smart devices have launched waterproof as a big buying point, and high-quality spring thimble is a connector in smart devices, it has waterproof function, then how to achieve its waterproof function? Let's find out together.

How can spring thimble be waterproof(图1)

  First, the high temperature resistance of high-quality spring thimble:

  The current working temperature of high-quality spring thimble is 200℃, and the low temperature is -65℃. When the connection is working, the current generates heat at the contact point, which causes a temperature rise, so it is usually felt that the working temperature is equal to the sum of the ambient temperature and the temperature rise of the contact point. Among some regulations, the allowable temperature rise of the connector under the rated working current is clearly stipulated.

  Second, the moisture resistance of high-quality spring thimble:

  The intrusion of moisture will affect the insulation performance of the connector and corrode metal parts. The constant heat and humidity test conditions are relative humidity 90%~95%, temperature +40±20℃, and the test time is based on product regulations, at least 96 hours. High-quality spring thimble alternating damp heat test will be more stringent.

  Third, the salt spray resistance of high-quality spring thimble:

  When the high-quality spring thimble works in an environment containing moisture and salt, the surface treatment layer of its metal structures and contacts may undergo galvanic corrosion, which has a great impact on the physical and electrical properties of the connector. In order to evaluate the ability of electrical connectors to withstand this environment, a salt spray test is specified. It hangs the connector in a temperature-controlled test box, and sprays a sodium chloride solution of a specified concentration with compressed air to become a salt spray atmosphere. Its exposure time is mainly specified by the product specification, at least 48 hours .

  Fourth, the vibration and shock resistance of high-quality spring thimble:

  The vibration and shock resistance of high-quality spring thimble is an important performance of electrical connectors. It is particularly important in special use environments such as aviation and aerospace, railway and road transportation. It is to test the robustness and mechanical structure of electrical connectors. An important indicator of electrical contact reliability. There are clear regulations in the relevant test methods. In the shock test, the peak acceleration, duration and shock pulse waveform must be specified, as well as the time for the electrical continuity to be interrupted.