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Application of pogo pin pogo pin in industrial robot

source:Industry News release time:2021-03-20 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  Speaking of pogo pin pogo pin contacts, we can think of contact energization. In addition to the familiar TWS Bluetooth headsets, smart small appliances, smart homes, etc., it is also used in many industries! Today CFE takes you to explore the application of small pogo pin contacts on industrial robots.


  With the rapid development of industry, the previous manual labor has gradually been replaced by intelligent robot equipment. Robot equipment is equipped with an important core device-the robot tool quick change device is also called the manipulator quick change device (also known as the gun changer). The Robotic Tool Changer (Robotic Tool Changer) makes the application of the robot more flexible by allowing the robot to automatically change different end effectors or peripheral equipment.

  The so-called industrial robot is divided into three parts, namely the mechanical part, the sensing part and the control part. In the sensing part, as the pogo pin is used more and more widely in industrial robots, the pogo pin pogo pin contact The accuracy is also getting higher and higher. In order to complete the task even when there is interference, the stability and conductivity of the pogo pin pogo pin contact can meet the requirements of industrial robots. The robot tool changer can connect different media such as gas, electric signal, liquid, video, ultrasound, etc. from the robot arm to the end effector. It is widely used in various application scenarios including palletizing, handling, vacuum, polishing, welding, laser, stamping, gluing, Ethernet, data acquisition, etc.

  By introducing whether you have a new understanding of pogo pin contacts, pogo pin pogo pin contacts can be used not only in industrial equipment (robot rapid switching devices), but also in many unexpected applications such as aerospace and automotive industries. , Medical industry, big health, etc., CFE focuses on providing one-stop customized pogo pin magnetic connector solutions.

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