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Performance of pogo pin connectors

source:Industry News release time:2021-03-25 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  The pogo pin head has high temperature resistance. The maximum working temperature of the pogo pin connector is 200 degrees Celsius, and the lowest is -65 degrees Celsius. Because when the connector is working, the current generates heat at the contact point and causes the temperature to rise, so it is generally considered that the working temperature should be equal to the sum of the ambient temperature and the temperature of the contact point. Some specifications clearly specify the maximum allowable temperature of the connector under the rated operating current. Moisture of the plug will affect the insulation of the connector and corrode metal parts. The test conditions of room temperature damp heat are: relative humidity 90%~95%, temperature +40±20℃, and the test time does not exceed 96 hours. The alternate damp heat test is more stringent. When the connector works in a damp and salty environment, the surface treatment layers of its metal structural parts and contacts will produce galvanic corrosion, which affects the physical and electrical properties of the connector. The salt spray test is used to evaluate the resistance of electrical connectors in this environment. Hang the connector in a controlled temperature test box, and spray a sodium chloride solution with a specified concentration with compressed air to form a salt spray environment. According to product specifications, the contact time is at least 48 hours.

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  Vibration resistance and impact performance of electrical connectors are important performance indicators, especially in special applications such as aerospace, railway and road transportation, and are important indicators for testing electrical connector mechanical structure robustness and electrical contact reliability. The relevant test methods are clearly stipulated. The shock wave test shall specify the peak acceleration, duration and shock waveform, as well as the power-off time.

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