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Thimble connector manufacturers bring you information

source:Industry News release time:2021-03-25 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  The shorter the length of the thimble connector, the better. Since the greater the bending level or the greater the tilt level of the mold thimble, the precision of the precise measurement results of the steel parts will be smaller, which is not allowed for some high-precision steel parts. We should strictly supervise the selection of mold thimble, and choose these shorter mold thimble as far as possible. Make the gap of the mold thimble as large as possible.


Because of that, it can reasonably reduce the false opening caused by shaking, reduce the harm to the precision, and promote the result to be more accurate. The lower the node of the mold thimble, the better. Even if you connect the mold thimble and the extension rod together, this is also a subconscious introduction to feel the bending point and the deformation point, which is not good for accurate measurement, so in the application, you should choose the number of connections that you can avoid as much as possible. Naturally, this is only a summary of the criteria for selecting the mold thimble, and in fact, the mold thimble must be used well. You must master the basic knowledge of the mold thimble, because the types of mold thimble are also standing mold thimble and multi-head mold. There are many kinds of thimble, mold thimble with small tail, electric welding welding mold thimble, etc. If you are not clear about this, then you are of course confused when choosing a mold thimble. As a part of the radio frequency connector, the mold thimble often plays the role of connection and transmission on the mobile phone and its smart products, and plays a very key role in the transmission. In order to ensure the quality of electronic equipment, we must first ensure the quality of the mold thimble. Wanchang Electronic Devices, a manufacturer of thimble connectors in Shenzhen, is equipped with complete testing and reliability testing machinery and equipment. Attaches great importance to quality control at each stage, including IQC finished product inspection and inspection, IPQC manufacturing inspection, 100% force and resistor dynamic inspection, 100% appearance inspection, FQC sampling inspection, OQC shipment inspection, design concept certification and on time Reliable testing, failure to explain this. Strict and reasonable quality supervision is carried out from the important links of product design conception, sample preparation, trial production, and mass production to ensure the quality of the product.

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