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Electronic connectors are also often referred to as power circuit RF connectors.

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  An electrical connector is a special tool for electrical conductor machinery and equipment that bridges two electrical conductors on a loop, so that the amount of current or signal can flow from one electrical conductor to another. It is widely used in various electrical equipment routes, and has the effect of connecting or disconnecting current. That type of connection may be temporary and convenient to plug in anytime and anywhere, or it may be a special tool for electrical machinery or a node in the middle of a transmission line. Therefore, in order to reduce the characteristic impedance of the grounding device and eliminate the hazard of the contact resistance, a plan or more grounding device is used, and a conductive plan (base plate or conductive plane layer of the double-layer pcb board power circuit, etc.) is used as the reference ground. Each part of the grounding device must be received on the reference ground in principle. The electronic connector is the installation of transmission electronic devices (comparative or multi-position), which can provide a separate page for connecting two secondary electronic control systems, and is used for mutual protection of grounding components such as power circuits or mechanical manufacturing.

Electronic connectors are also often referred to as power circuit RF connectors.(图1)

  Such as: power cord plugs/power sockets, IC sockets, phone cords, etc. are all. Widely used in the electronics industry. After the single pulse is turned on, it is protected by the pulse transformer and then passed through the pre-adjuster for single pulse shaping and beauty. After the power amplifier circuit, it turns on the adjustment board and the tail board. The excitation single pulse generated by the pre-regulator goes through the protection of the transformer to each field effect tube of the driver adjustment board. At this time, the adjustment board conducts the high-voltage circuit breaker and sends it to the anodizing of the microwave heating transistor, and the negative electrode of the microwave heating transistor. The electronic device starts to send, and the microwave heating triode will be sent to the input terminal, the low output power and the high frequency become the high frequency with the high success rate. When the single pulse is over, the tail single pulse generated by the pre-adjuster turns on the tail plate, and the tail plate is turned on to release the spreading capacitor of the microwave heating triode, so a very good pulse trailing edge can be obtained. The electronic connector is a kind of motor system software, which can provide a detachable page for connecting two secondary electronic control systems. In short, the components used for connecting household appliances such as power circuits or mechanical manufacturing become The radio frequency connector is also the road bridge between each other. In addition to being commonly used for high-frequency switching power switches, magnetic beads are also used in other electronic, electrical and electronic device testing instruments, and in various power circuits that have very strict noise regulations.