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Pogopin connector type method

time:2021-03-31 Views:153

  Common pogopin connectors have the following five types:

  1. Socket type

  This type of connector has a positioning pin at the end of the needle tube. Therefore, in the process of welding with the PCB board, there will be no offset and other phenomena, and it can be said that the positioning effect is very good.

  2. Bend type

  For curved pogopin connectors, because the tail is a curved design, the operator can have more choices in the use of space.

Pogopin connector type method(图1)

  3. Flat bottom type

  Flat-bottomed products have the characteristics of good stability, and the bottom of the needle tube is usually a flat-bottomed design, so it is easier to weld with PCB boards and other boards.

  4. Double head type

  The double-headed pogopin connector usually adopts a double-head double-acting design, so during the board-to-board two-way connection, this allows the operator to have more space flexibility.

  5. Thread type

  Generally speaking, threaded pogopin connectors have some special specifications, so this type of product can meet the different needs of customers to a large extent. Many pogopin connector manufacturers can make special customization according to the specific needs of customers.