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Bluetooth headset charging pin

time:2021-03-31 Views:152

  How to charge the Bluetooth headset? Many people fail to charge according to the instructions during the process of using the Bluetooth headset charging pin, resulting in a greatly shortened battery life and unable to fully realize the potential of the battery. In response to this situation, we have summarized the correct use of batteries and precautions, hoping to help everyone.

Bluetooth headset charging pin(图1)

  The Bluetooth headset charging pin battery is a polymer lithium-ion battery, generally between 3.7V 40-200 mAh. It is said that when using a new device several times before, the charge should be full and the discharge should be complete, just like the running-in of a new mobile phone battery. However, the lithium-ion battery is not equivalent to the nickel-cadmium battery with memory effect. Therefore, the current charging pins of mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets are generally used when you are charging or discharging, and will not cause too much impact on the battery, so you can use it with confidence.

  The correct charging method and precautions for the charging pin of the Bluetooth headset:

  1. When charging, be sure to insert the plug in the proper position to avoid poor contact, and try to insert it gently, otherwise the plug will become loose after a long time.

  2. Choose the matching charger. If there is a dedicated charger, please use a dedicated charger. If there is no special charger, please use a 500mA-1000mA charger, not more than 1000mA.

  3. Generally speaking, the charging lasts about 2 hours, and as far as possible, it should not exceed 3 hours. Charging for a long time will only cause fever, which is not good for the battery.

  4. Do not always charge the battery after the power is completely turned off. This is not good for the battery, the headset, and the signal at the end of use.

  5. When charging, it is recommended not to use earphones to avoid unnecessary accidental damage.