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the design of the spring derived?

source:Industry News release time:2021-04-09 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  the design of the spring derived?

  (1) At present, the spring design mainly adopts the widely used spring stress (stress is not a force, but a kind of pressure) and the deformation calculation formula is derived from material mechanics. There is no certain practical experience, and the design of high-precision springs And manufacturing is very difficult. With the increase of design stress, many previous experiences are no longer applicable. For example, when the design stress of the spring increases, the helix angle increases, which causes the source of fatigue of the spring to shift from the inner side to the outer side. It is necessary to use precise analysis techniques, and the currently widely used method is the finite element method.

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  (2) The characteristics of automobile suspension springs are their permanent deformation should be small, that is, the anti-relaxation performance should be within the specified range that in addition to sufficient fatigue life, otherwise the center of gravity of the body will shift. At the same time, the impact of environmental corrosion on its fatigue life should also be considered. With the extension of the vehicle maintenance cycle, higher requirements are put forward for the permanent deformation and fatigue life of the vehicle. Therefore, a high-precision design method must be adopted. The finite element method can predict the effect of spring stress on fatigue life and permanent deformation in more detail, and can accurately reflect the relationship between material and spring fatigue life and permanent deformation.

  (3) In recent years, the finite element design method of springs has entered the practical stage. There are many practical reports on the design process of the influence of helix angle on spring stress, the relationship between finite element calculation stress and fatigue life, etc. The spring has simple structure and simple function, and saves parameters that affect structure and performance. For this reason, the designers used analytical, graphical or graphical analysis methods to find the optimal design plan as early as possible, and achieved certain results. With the development of computing technology, the use of computers to optimize the design of non-linear programming has achieved good results.

  (4) Reliability design is a series of analysis and design techniques adopted to ensure the reliability of designed products. Its task is to make the designed product reach the specified reliability target value on the basis of predicting and preventing the possible failure of the product. It is a supplement and improvement to traditional design methods. Spring design has made some progress in the application of reliability technology, but further improvement requires the development and accumulation of data.

  (5) With the development of spring application technology, many new problems need designers to pay attention to and solve. For example, the effects of materials, strong pressure and shot peening on fatigue and relaxation properties are difficult to accurately calculate in design; rely on test data; the number of turns calculated according to the current design formula, the spring stiffness value is less than the design stiffness value, therefore, in order to meet Design requirements require reducing the effective number of turns.

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