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Wide application of pogopin connector

source:Industry News release time:2021-05-22 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  In order to meet the needs of the market, the pogo pin connector product itself is developing towards small size, narrow pitch, and multi-function; in addition, surface mounting, composite and embedded directions are also future trends. The volume and dimensions of the connector are becoming more and more miniaturized and chip-shaped.

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  Industry professional manufacturer Qincheng Technology said that the rapid development of the market has accelerated the technological innovation of pogopin connectors, and the design level and processing methods of pogopin connectors have also been greatly improved.

  The electronic process of global enterprises and markets is getting faster and faster. Under the financial crisis, the Chinese government has invested heavily in three networks, smart grids, automobiles, and rail transit. It can be seen that the market has a high-speed interconnection of pogopin connectors. , The requirements for current resistance are getting higher and higher; from the perspective of consumer electronics, applications similar to Internet TV are hot, and they involve many antenna applications. TV system manufacturers need to set up antennas within a small distance.

  The miniaturization and energy saving of pogopin connectors are inevitably important trends in the development of the home appliance industry; the complex body control, remote communication and other functions in the automotive electronic system also put forward the miniaturization, intelligence, environmental protection and high reliability of the connector. challenge.

  In the new era, the new situation of pogopin connector industry, while domestic and foreign mainstream connector manufacturers are creating their own characteristics, they are also leading or following the footsteps of market demand from product launches and applications. A new mode of competition in the connector market has gradually formed.

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