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Factors affecting the service life of pogo pin spring pin connector

source:Industry News release time:2021-05-22 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  As the products that need to use connectors are developing in the direction of refined appearance, easy installation and long service life, the existence of pogo pin spring pin connectors has solved the needs of manufacturers using this connector, pogo pin spring pins Therefore, the connector has become the favor of many connector manufacturers. After a large number of related tests, the factors that affect the service life of the pogo pin probe connection are as follows.

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  1. Friction corrosion

  The friction of the pogo pin bullet pin connector at work and the corrosion of various corrosive substances in the working environment are important factors that greatly reduce the life of the pogo pin bullet pin connector.

  2. Electrical failure

  This kind of failure generally refers to the connection problem between the wire and the terminal, and it is also a factor that directly affects the service life of the pogo pin connector. In order to effectively solve this problem, an enhanced new type of crimping technology has emerged, which is an upgraded version of the previous crimping technology. After testing, this technology can reduce the occurrence of electrical faults to a large extent, and has begun to be gradually applied in actual production.

  3. Plugging problem

  The insertion and removal of pogo pin connectors has always been an important factor affecting the failure. The control of the insertion and removal force is difficult, and it is easy to fall off if it is small, and it will be damaged if it is large. In this regard, it has always been a big problem, so many designers can't think of any good solutions. Nowadays, the most used method is to control different insertion and extraction forces according to the different places of use. Although it can ensure the application of some pogo pin connectors to a certain extent, it cannot completely solve this problem.

  These three aspects are the key factors that affect the service life of the pogo pin spring-pin connector, and they are also several problems that are more difficult to solve. As long as these problems are solved, the development of the pogo pin spring-pin connector will reach a higher level. It can also make the pogo pin connector more widely used

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