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What is a crown spring jack? How to extend the service life?

source:Industry News release time:2021-06-23 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  There are many structures of jacks, which can be divided into: crown spring, leaf spring, drum spring, claw spring and other structures. These jacks are usually used in connectors, medical, electronic equipment and other fields.

  What is a crown spring jack?

  Features: Built-in beryllium bronze multi-spring with diagonal connection, the elasticity will not fail, the service life can reach 5000 times, the plugging force can reach 300-1000g, and the hot plugging is allowed.

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  Advantages: instead of the high price of tightly wound wire springs, the poor contact life of the positioning claws and the damaged male pins, the leaf spring product structure has the characteristics of high reliability, soft pulling force, small contact resistance, shock resistance, and impact resistance. The ideal contact for connector jack sockets.

  Beryllium bronze alloy products are processed by smelting, casting, hot rolling and special heat treatment processes. They have the characteristics of high strength, high elasticity, and non-magnetic properties. They can be called the king of non-ferrous metal elasticity. Therefore, they are widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronic components, and electrical appliances. Parts and components of resistance welding equipment, especially for flexible connectors and thermostat components, have greater advantages. Today in the high-tech era, its use will be more extensive.

  What is the structure of the closing device of the connector crown spring jack?

  The closing device for the crown spring socket of the connector has a structure including: a positioning rod, including a regular polygon end and a positioning closing end fixed on the regular polygon end and coaxial with the regular polygon end, for performing the crown spring socket Fixed, and evenly position the end of the crown spring socket to be closed by turning the regular polygon end; and the punch installed on the punching mechanism, including a punching end and matching with the end of the crown spring socket shell. The stop end is used to punch and close the crown spring socket at a fixed distance, and is characterized in that the polygonal end of the positioning rod is a regular triangle, a regular quadrilateral, a regular hexagon or a regular octagon.

  Extended service life

  1. It can increase the strength of the gold-plated layer on the contact surface, which can effectively reduce friction. The contact surface can be nickel-plated and then gold-plated, so that the friction will be less than that of directly plating gold on copper.

  2. The thicker the nickel layer, the stronger the wear resistance of the gold-plated layer.

  3. The smoother the surface, that is, the lower the roughness, so the friction is very small, and the wear of the pins and sockets will be smaller.

  4. On the way to the usual connector, pay attention to the maintenance of the electrical connector to reduce human damage to the electrical connector.

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