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What are the comparative advantages of pogopin connectors and shrapnel connectors?

source:Industry News release time:2021-06-30 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  The pogo pin is a spring-type probe formed by arranging three parts of the needle shaft, spring and needle tube, using a riveting precision instrument, and riveting and pre-compressing the spring type probe. Its internal structure is a precision spring structure. During the production process of pogo pin manufacturers, the surface will be plated with gold, which can better improve its anti-corrosion function, mechanical performance, electrical performance, etc. The needle tip has sharp needles, claw-shaped needles, round-end needles, knife-shaped needles and so on. Because of its special and precise structure, it is widely used in precision connectors, which can greatly reduce the weight and appearance of the connector, and make smart devices more refined and beautiful.

  Like some electronic charging connectors, most of them choose to use the connector pogo pin, which not only makes it more convenient, but also improves the stability, durability and corrosion resistance of these connectors.

  Compared with the shrapnel-type connector of the same size, the pogo pin connector has a larger compression and stable contact. The pogo pin connector has a more effective working compression than the shrapnel type, ensuring the stability of the contact.

  Comparing the pogo pin and shrapnel type connectors with the same compression amount, when the working position is 4mm and the compression amount is 1mm, the connector pogo pin occupies less space on the PCB board, so the body can be thin and miniaturized.

  Pogo pin needle tube, needle shaft, spring material selection, gold plating requirements, greatly increase the service life than traditional products, the connector pogo pin has a longer service life, and it can maintain the connector for more than 10,000 times of continuous use.

  When compressed, the position of the contact point of the connector pogo pin remains unchanged, which can maintain a stable connection point and obtain stable electrical performance. The thimble type is 20000 times and the shrapnel type is 5000 times. The pogo pin connector is more durable than the shrapnel type. The shape of the plastic colloid and the combination of the thimble can be set freely.

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