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Product application of micro current pogopin connector

source:Industry News release time:2021-08-06 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  The technical trends of Pogo Pin connectors are mainly miniaturization, new battery interface, low contact impedance and high connection reliability

  1. FPC Pogo Pin connector

  The FPC Pogo Pin connector is used to connect the LCD display to the drive circuit. Currently, 0.4mm pitch products are the main products, and 0.3mm pitch products have also been widely used. With the recent trend of LCD drivers being integrated into LCD devices, the number of FPC pins will decrease accordingly, and related products have already appeared on the market.

POGO PIN M011 1.9x8.8

  2. Board-to-board Pogo Pin connector

  The development trend of board-to-board pogo pin connectors in mobile phones is that the pin pitch and height are getting smaller and smaller. At present, it is mainly based on 0.4mm pitch, which will gradually develop to 0.35mm or even smaller, and subsequent requirements for lower height and shielding Effect. At the same time, the height of the BTB is gradually reduced to 0.9mm.

  3. I/O Pogo Pin connector

  The I/O pogo pin connector is one of the most important access channels in mobile phones, including the connection of the power supply and the signal. The size reduction and product standardization will be the main direction of future development. As each mobile phone manufacturer has its own mobile phone solution, the Micro USBpogo pin connector has a development trend of combining standardization and customization. At the same time, the headset plug-in connector has the same development trend, and then the connector is required to be thinner and more Visual effects and waterproof function, etc.

  4. Card type Pogo Pin connector

  The card pogo pin connector is mainly based on the 6pin SIM card pogo pin connector and the T-flash pogo pin connector. The future development direction is mainly to improve the shielding function and thickness of the SIM card pogo pin connector, reaching a minimum of 0.50 mm ultra-low thickness. At the same time, card pogo pin connector products are geared towards multi-functional development. The two-in-one product of SIM card pogo pin connector and T-flash pogo pin connector has appeared on the market.

  5. Battery Pogo Pin connector

  Battery Pogo Pin connectors can be divided into shrapnel type and guillotine type. The technical trends of battery pogo pin connectors are mainly miniaturization, new battery interface, low contact impedance and high connection reliability.

  6. Camera Socket Pogo Pin connector

  The Camera Socket Pogo Pin connector can provide good electromagnetic shielding to the camera module, which facilitates the maintenance of the camera module. Standardization and customization coexist in the subsequent period of time. At the same time, in the production and testing of pogo pin connectors for mobile phones, the requirements for plug resistance and electromagnetic compatibility of the connector products have been increased.

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