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What is the difference between FPC cable connector and FFC connector?molecular probe Merchant

source:Industry News release time:2021-10-15 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  What is the difference between FPC cable connector and FFC connector?

  There are various forms and structures of the current FPC cable connectors. With different application objects, frequencies, power, application environments, etc., the forms of FPC cable connectors are also different. The flexible flat cable connector is a new type of data cable. It adopts extremely thin PET insulating material and tinned flat copper wire. It is laminated by high-tech automatic equipment production line. It is flexible, arbitrary bends, thin, and small in size. , Simple connection, convenient disassembly, etc., which solves the problem of electromagnetic shielding.

  The difference between FPC cable connector and FFC connector:

  1, FFC flat cable connector is a kind of flexible flat cable connector, FPC connector is a kind of flexible printed wire, the difference between the two in manufacturing lies in their different wire forming methods.

  2, FFC is a flat copper foil sandwiched by two layers of heat insulation foil film between the upper and lower layers. The finished product is relatively simple and the thickness is relatively thick.

  3, FPC uses FCCL (flexible copper clad foil) for chemical corrosion treatment to obtain single-sided double-sided flexible circuit boards and multilayer flexible circuit boards with different wiring structures. Natural FFC connectors are much cheaper in price. If production costs are considered, more companies will choose designs related to FFC cable connectors.

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