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What is the cause of the board-to-board connector failure!12pin pogopin factory

source:Industry News release time:2021-10-16 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN


  Board-to-board connectors are mainly used in power systems, communication networks, financial manufacturing, elevators, industrial automation, medical equipment, office equipment, home appliances, military manufacturing and other industries. So if the connector fails, what causes it? Next we come to understand what causes the board-to-board connector failure.

  1. When the board-to-board connector is working, the current generates heat at the contact, so the temperature rises, the operating temperature is the same as the ambient temperature and the temperature of the contact, which rules the high temperature rise allowed by the board connector under the additional operating current.

  2. When the salt spray resistant connector works in an environment containing moisture and salt, the appearance treatment layer of its metal structural parts and touch parts may undergo galvanic corrosion, which affects the physical use and electrical functions of the board-to-board connector.

  3. The intrusion of moisture resistance will affect the connection of h insulation function and the corrosion of metal parts. The constant damp and heat experiment conditions are relative humidity 90%~95%, temperature +40+20C, and the experiment time is based on product rules, and the damp and heat exchange experiment is more stringent.

  4. Board-to-board connector fault handling. When a board-to-board connector has an open circuit fault, the use of the wire is interrupted, the connector is poorly contacted, and the wire formed by the loosening of the connector terminal is rarely broken in the middle, most of which are on the connector Broken, so when checking, you must pay attention to the sensor and the wire of the connection sequence.

  5. Due to poor touch | the open circuit failure of the board-to-board connector, the connector end is rusty, external dirt enters the terminal or connection socket, when the contact pressure drops, remove the board-to-board connector, reinsert it, change the connection status, and restore Normal contact is sufficient.

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