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How are board-to-board connectors tested!3pin pogopin company

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  1. The voltage applied to the board-to-board connector of the investigation shall not exceed 50% of its additional voltage.

  2. The device size of the board-to-board connector. For the header to be inserted, the length of the solder foot soldered to the PCB requires that the part of the PCB board is greater than 0.5mm.

  3. For board-to-board connectors with high precision density, when the PCB space permits, try to choose the type with positioning pins, so that the operation becomes easier when technical soldering is required.

  4. Check if there is a foolproof design.

  5. Check whether the data used for the board connector contains lead.

  6. Small size board-to-board connectors have low contact pressure. When using low current and voltage, it is recommended to use gold-plated or silver-plated connectors to avoid affecting the film resistance.

  7. Pay attention to investigate the height of the mating board and the board connector, and whether it meets the soldering height of the parts around the PCB. The mating height must be greater than the soldering height of the components around the PCB, to ensure a certain margin, and to ensure that it is not dry. Pay special attention to the height error of the components after the PCB soldering.

  The content explained above is about how to test the board-to-board connector. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to learn more about the board-to-board connector, you can Consult online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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