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What are the advantages of pin header connectors!bipolar electrode factory

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  Pin headers are mainly used for computer power connectors, BOBBIN connection guide pins, transformer guide pins, etc. Its material is brass wire, phosphor copper wire, copper-clad steel wire, pure copper wire, etc., and the surface is tin-plated on nickel, nickel The bottom is gold-plated. Pin headers are widely used in monitors, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, PDA, computers, computer motherboards, various mobile storage disks, card readers, security products, water and electricity meters, wireless phones, walkie-talkies, mobile phones, program-controlled switches, VCD, DVD, LCM/LED display modules, electronic toys, household appliances, etc. The pin header is a bridge between circuits, allowing current to flow seamlessly through the circuit to complete the predetermined function. The innovation of electronic equipment brought by the connector greatly promotes the design of higher intelligence. With the growth of computing power and speed, solid state disks are more and more capable of competing with traditional hard disks in the market. Speed, heat dissipation, data integrity, power integrity, and many application issues affect the design and selection of connectors.

  The above are some of the advantages of the pin header connector. The pin header connector is usually used in conjunction with the female header to form a board-to-board connection; or it can be used with the electronic wiring harness end to form a board-to-wire connection; it can also be used independently for board and板连接。 Board connection. The specifications required by different products are not the same, so there are also a variety of models and specifications for the header pins

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