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How is the round hole pin header connected?Connector Production

source:Industry News release time:2021-10-27 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  How is the round hole pin header connected?

  Many brothers who are not in the industry should be very familiar with round hole pin headers, and some people don’t even know its effects. Originally these are not very weird, but we trust us to have a certain understanding of connectors, round hole rows The needle is originally a part of the adapter. It is equivalent to the heart of the adapter. Without it, the adapter would not be able to realize its power. So how does the round hole pin header connect? Let Xiaobian give us a specific explanation below:

probe M002 1.5x8

  There are many elements to consider when connecting the round hole pin headers, and it is also necessary to consider the requirements of touch resistance and mechanical stability. The size and geometry of the solder joints depend on the welding skills and the planning of the adapter itself. Through-hole and surface adhesion skills are significantly different in these two aspects. The development of adapters is becoming more and more sophisticated, and the solder joints and their functions (especially the functions of mechanical strength and plastic deformation under load) have become more and more sophisticated. more and more important. Since the round hole pin header must pay attention to these when connecting, try not to affect the advantages of the round hole pin header due to these aspects.

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