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The market field of round hole headers is diversified!pogo pin Wholesale

source:Industry News release time:2021-10-28 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN


  Over the years, the demand for round-hole busbar shopping malls has always maintained a rapid increase. The presentation of new materials and new skills has also greatly promoted the progress of the industry's use level. The current development trend of pin busbars shopping malls is getting better and better. Complete your own value in a different field.

  In view of the progress of miniaturization and intelligentization of round hole header technology, based on information acquisition, multiple functions are further integrated and blended. This is a certain trend. Multi-row pin header data integration technology also promotes this skill. development of. Integrate the local data resources provided by multiple pin headers of the same or different types scattered in different positions, and analyze them by using computer skills to eliminate the redundancy and opposition between the information, complement each other, and reduce The uncertainty is to obtain a consistent explanation and description of the measured target, and then improve the speed and correctness of the system's decision plan, plan, and response, so that the system can obtain more abundant information. Its information blending is presented at different information levels, including data layer blending, feature layer blending, and resolution planning layer blending.

  Because it has the following advantages over a single round hole header information, that is, fault tolerance, complementarity, real-time, and economy, it is gradually being popularized and used. In addition to military applications, it has been applied to automation skills, robotics, marine surveillance, seismic observation, construction, air traffic control, medical diagnosis, remote sensing skills, etc.

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