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Test and Analysis of Board-to-Board Connectors!porcelain thimbles Wholesale

source:Industry News release time:2021-11-02 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN


  Board-to-board connectors are widely used in PC8 electrical boards such as electronics and electrical meters. They function as a bridge before the cut or isolated circuit in the circuit, and undertake the task of current and signal transmission. Let's take a look at the test analysis of the board-to-board connector.

  1. When the board-to-board connector is working, the current generates heat at the contact point and the temperature rises. Therefore, the working temperature is generally regarded as the sum of the ambient temperature and the temperature rise of the contact. The board-to-board connector allows the extremely high temperature rise under the rated working current. .

  2. When the salt spray resistant connector works in an environment containing moisture and salt, the surface treatment layer of its metal components and contacts may undergo galvanic corrosion, which affects the physical use and electrical performance of the board-to-board connector.

  3. Moisture resistance will affect the insulation performance of h and corrode metal parts. Constant damp heat test conditions are relative humidity 90%~95%, temperature +40±20*C, test time is in accordance with product regulations, alternating damp heat test is more stringent.

  4. Board-to-board connector fault handling When a board-to-board connector has an open circuit fault, it may be that the wire is broken during use, the connector is in poor contact, and the connector terminal is loose. It is rare that the wire is disconnected in the middle, most of which are disconnected on the connector. When checking, carefully check the sensor and the connected wire to confirm whether there are loose feet and poor contact.

  5. Due to poor contact, the open circuit failure of the bow|board-to-board connector is mostly because the connector end is rusted, external dirt enters the terminal or connection socket, and the contact pressure drops.

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