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Introduction to wire-to-board connectors!probe company

source:Industry News release time:2021-11-03 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN

  Introduction to wire-to-board connectors

  Wire-to-board connector is a type of connector, mainly for the application of auxiliary circuits. Many people know and hear more about board-to-board connectors or wire-to-wire connectors. Then wire-to-board connectors What are the characteristics? Here are some introductions about wire-to-board connectors.

  The structure of the wire-to-board connector is very simple: place the electrode (contact) in the shell (plastic shell). There are two types of contacts: rod-shaped or chip-shaped "plugs" and "sockets". Squeeze the plug completely into the socket and cover it to achieve "matching". Generally speaking, "the socket is connected to the wire" and the plug is connected to the substrate" but this can be reversed depending on the usage. The connection of wires and contacts is generally achieved using "pressure bonding" technology, such as crimping terminals. You can also use "pressure welding" to connect wires and contacts. Pressure welding technology is used for low current connection "by simply connecting the insulated wire to the contact" to allow full connection. Although this method is convenient, the durability may be reduced. The above two technologies can avoid overheating caused by soldering technology and protect the connection from damage. In addition, the "air-tight connection area will not be exposed to the air" to keep the connection stable.

  The difference between wire-to-board connectors and wire-to-wire connectors Socket (wafer), the wire-to-board connector is welded to the circuit board by the socket connection wire, which plays a role of current flow, and the wire-to-board wire-to-board connector simplifies electronic products The assembly process also simplifies the mass production process and is easy to repair. Dongguan Weipin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has a professional connector manufacturer with exquisite technology in cooperation with Taiwan. Its products are widely used in: digital cameras, MP3s, computer motherboards, various mobile storage disks, card readers, cordless phones, mobile phones , Program-controlled switches, DVD, LCM/LED display module, electronic toys and optoelectronics and many other fields, board-to-board, wire-to-board and mainly precision plug-ins.

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