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Analyze the tolerance of round hole header!Negative contact pin Wholesale

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  Traditional small radio frequency "board-to-board" coaxial connectors, such as MCX, do not allow any tolerance, especially the board-to-board axial spacing tolerance. The future development of the standard SMP, MMBX and IMP "board-to-board" coaxial connectors can only tolerate a limited tolerance, the tolerance plan is very small, and still requires fine positioning and cooperation.

  "Board to Board" SMP connector series, including SMP, SMP-Spring and SMP-MAX. These three "board-to-board" connection schemes all consist of three components: two separate sockets mounted on two PCBs or modules, and an adapter connecting two sockets. Generally, one end of the adapter uses a Snap-on to form a fixed "semi-persistent connection" with a socket, which has greater cooperating persistence. The other end of the adapter uses a slide-on to form a collaboration with another socket, and the collaboration is less persistent. According to the needs of different board spacing applications, various types of adapters with lengths from 5.7mm to 37mm have been developed. Patch connector

  In practical use, radial and axial tolerances are questions that must be considered for use and installation. The radial tolerance is primarily to compensate for the mechanical tolerances of the connector and PCB planning and installation. The angle and axial tolerance are primarily related to the integrity level of the transmitted signal. Cooperative space will change the impedance, causing reflections and standing waves (VSWR) to increase, and reliability decreases.

  wire-to-wire connector In order to obtain a larger tolerance plan than the traditional SMP "board-to-board" connector, the second-generation "board-to-board" coaxial connector product SMP-Spring uses a spring-mounted adapter. While the spring plan has obtained a larger tolerance plan, since the two ends have always been in full cooperation, it performs better when there is a tolerance in the axial direction, and has a lower and more stable standing wave (VSWR) function. The disadvantage of the SMP-Spring spring plan is that the spring architecture plan is messy and costly.

  SMP-MAX, is the third generation recently launched in the market, with a larger tolerance plan economical "board-to-board" coaxial connector. As shown in Figure 2, SMP-MAX uses a “bowl-shaped” port plan on one end of the socket to obtain a blind mating effect. The insulator support of the patent plan has a maximum axial tolerance of 2.4mm, while maintaining a stable and low standing wave (VSWR) level. The specially planned tapered base needle on the socket makes the stress less when deflected, which increases the stability.

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