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Advantages of high current thimble connector!mozilla thimble factory

source:Industry News release time:2021-11-08 Article author:sznbone Popular:POGO PIN


  1. The high-current thimble connector has a long service life:

  Because the surface coating of the high-current thimble connector is thicker than the ordinary coating, the original plating layer of the connector can prevent the connector from being oxidized and vulcanized in the working environment to be corroded, which protects the connector and extends the connector Service life. The service life will be prolonged after increasing the plating layer.

  2. The high-current thimble connector has stable performance:

  The electroplated layer on the surface of the connector can improve the ductility, durability, wear resistance, and mechanical properties of the connector. The electroplated layer on the surface of the connector can stabilize the impedance of the connector and make the electrical performance of the connector more stable.

  3. The large circuit thimble connector has strong abrasion resistance:

  The electroplated layer on the surface of the connector can isolate harmful substances in the environment, which not only reduces the damage to the connector, but also increases the wear resistance of the connector.

  4. Improve the working performance of the thimble connector:

  The electroplated layer on the surface of the connector not only protects the connector, but also improves the performance of some aspects on the other hand. The electroplated layer is the protector of the normal use of the connector. Nowadays, some connector manufacturers are choosing more stable coating materials that can make the connector work.

  The above is the reason why high-current thimble connector manufacturers need electroplating. Now most manufacturers choose nickel plating followed by gold plating, which not only saves costs but also improves product performance and stability, thereby prolonging the service life.

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