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How to choose a high-quality terminal wire

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How to choose a high-quality terminal wire(图1)

  How to identify online scammers in the sales process of UL terminal lines, Dexinglong Electronics Co., Ltd. reminds all sales people how to identify the methods of online scammers. Now network marketing and e-commerce are very popular, for many traditional industry terminal lines , it does make the sales of products a lot more convenient and expands many new customer sources, but there are also many online liars, impostors, and rhetoric to deceive the trust of the enterprise, once the enterprise sends the goods, not only the payment for the goods If you can't receive a cent, even the goods are called away by the liar, and you can't be contacted again, so how to identify the Internet liar to avoid losses? Dexinglong Electronics reminds you to pay attention to the following four points.

  First, now that the Internet is developed, you can search for things you don’t know on the Internet first. For example, if an unfamiliar phone calls to inquire about the terminal line, then you can search the phone number on the Internet now to see what information the attribution matches the phone number, whether there is this company, whether it is a regular company.

  Second, ordinary liars are not very professional about UL terminal lines. They usually ask the price and how to pay directly. They negotiate the price for a long time, and rarely ask about the specifications, parameters, quality, and post-service of the terminal line products. The problem, when encountering such a customer, must be careful.

  Third, try to get the money to deliver the goods, so as to ensure that the crooks will disappear once they get the goods. The terminal wire industry is originally an industry with relatively thin profits. When we sell terminal wires, we must be more vigilant and minimize our own risks;

  Fourth, the general liar has many phone numbers, and they are often exchanged. If you ask him for his detailed address, he is ambiguous. If you ask him to meet, it is either a temporarily rented office building or some **, hotel. , restaurants and other places, there is no formal office location, you should pay attention to such a situation.

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