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What are the applications of board-to-board pogopin connectors.level electrode price

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  Reducing the size of the device can save space, reduce weight, and leave more margin for other designs of the system. The ever-decreasing device size requires an increase in the integration and size of all devices in the device. This also includes the RF coaxial pogopin connectors and their cable assemblies that are widely used in RF modules and interconnections.

  For example, RRH (remoteradiohead) is a distributed base station system. It can be installed on the top of a tower simply, conveniently and reliably, or in dense urban areas. Its design must be very compact and its size controlled as much as possible. , This requires that the coaxial interconnection system that carries its RF signal must also be more concise and compact. A simple, compact, reliable "board" coaxial pogopin connector that can carry more than 100W of RF signal power at the same time replaces the traditional complicated cable assembly connection.

  Nowadays, more and more RF and structural design engineers are more and more familiar with board-to-board pogopin connectors, and more and more designs adopt board-to-board pogopin connector connections, which makes designers pay more attention to cost issues and the market Need to design a simpler and cheaper board-to-board pogopin connector.

  The continuous shrinking of the size of the connector poses challenges to the mechanical structure design, which is mainly manifested in two aspects: one is that it is difficult to match the small-size connector compared to the large-size connector; the other is that the mechanical strength of the small-size connector is low. , Improper use is easier to damage. Generally, large pogopin connectors can withstand greater mechanical force and will not be damaged during mating, but small pogopin connectors need to be more accurate in mating.

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