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Introduction to the functional characteristics of the wireless probe.gene probe Vendor

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Introduction to the functional characteristics of the wireless probe.gene probe Vendor(图1)

  A successful corporate website has a unique identity, which is brand image. Shaping high-quality, appealing and smart cities With the construction of smart cities in various cities in China, providing free urban WIFI wireless network coverage has become the standard for smart city construction, so that citizens can quickly and effectively enjoy the achievements of smart city construction. Wireless networks support a variety of smart city-related services. While supporting a large number of users to surf the Internet wirelessly, the value of the massive data generated begins to highlight. However, the data value of the traditional urban wireless WIFI network has great limitations. It can only analyze the data of Internet users. Such data can only reflect the user's network preferences, and can not more effectively serve the smart city and improve the urban operation efficiency. . By introducing the ANY-3000-MSE wireless WIFI probe to build a wireless WIFI probe network covering the city, it can conduct effective real-time statistics on urban activity personnel and vehicles to serve smart city business. Wireless WIFI probe ANY-3000-MSE is a WIFI network data collection and analysis wireless probe device specially designed for smart city big data services. By analyzing the electromagnetic waves of wireless Internet access in the air, it can uniquely identify intelligent terminal equipment. The wireless WIFI probe network is a wireless WIFI probe device distributed in public places such as urban road intersections, urban business circles, stations, squares, scenic parks, etc. Traffic flow distribution, people flow distribution statistics, etc., to improve the efficiency of urban operation. The wireless probe can be embedded in existing equipment such as cameras, outdoor screens or other equipment, and data analysis can be uploaded through RJ45, 34, serial port, USB and other interfaces, providing detailed analysis of the number of passengers and dwell time. Provide key data such as user arrival notification, residence time statistics, departure time notification, activity range, etc. to meet different business needs. Wireless WIFI probes are mainly divided into indoor wireless WIFI probes, high-power outdoor three-proof wireless WIFI probes, and portable 4G WIFI probes, which are suitable for different application scenarios.

  WIFI probe, after the shopping mall turns on the WIFI probe, when consumers walk into the area of the WIFI probe, the user information and flow details of the mobile device are automatically detected by the probe. The mobile terminals are all visible on the probe's interface.

  WiFi probe technology refers to the advanced technologies based on WiFi detection technology, mobile Internet and cloud computing to identify smartphones or WiFi terminals that have WiFi enabled around the store. WiFi probes can identify users without the need for users to access the store’s WiFi. It provides merchants with positioning, big data BI analysis and data interface capabilities, and analyzes and explores the value hidden in passenger flow data. As a manufacturer, "We hope that more customers who pay attention to "WiFi probe" will be involved in the evaluation, development and iteration, and Weitong Interconnection Technology will also produce more products that meet the needs of customers and meet customer needs. WiFi probes also It can detect the brand of the mobile phone held by the customer, according to which the customer's spending ability and consumption tendency can be inferred, and then a series of services such as shopping guide and information push can be provided to the customer, which can assign the customer to a reasonable shopping route, and actively Push shopping information such as hobby marketing, new products, discounts, promotions, etc. Probe WiFi can also realize more possibilities, as long as the corresponding mobile APP client is developed, points or other special functions can be performed, such as the officially enabled car search Service, users only need to click the parking button of the shopping mall APP, the system will automatically record the parking location, after shopping, customers can find their own vehicles in the shortest time. Science is constantly developing, and the use of probes is also extremely extensive.

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