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The function and working principle of Pogo pin.thimble Wholesale

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The function and working principle of Pogo pin.thimble Wholesale(图1)

  POGO PIN is a spring probe formed by riveting the three basic parts of needle, needle tube and spring by precision instruments, also known as pogo pin, pogo pin, spring probe, SPRING LOADED, POGOPIN connector. The bottom of the needle of POGO PIN is usually a bevel structure. The function of the bevel structure is to ensure that the POGO PIN keeps the needle in contact with the inner wall of the needle tube when working, so that the current mainly passes through the gold-plated needle and needle tube to ensure the stability and low impedance of the POGO PIN.

  Most factories do not have surface roughness testing equipment and do not monitor this important parameter at all. Second, the surface finish of lathe processing, especially the inner surface finish of the needle tube is very important. The POGO PIN pogo pin seems to be a simple part, but if there is no one with good quality control and perfect manufacturing process level, it is very easy to cause power failure, card PIN, or short durability. Secondly, the quality of the gold plating in the hole has a great impact on the motor performance and mechanical performance of the PIN. TOPLINK always insists on cooperating with the highest-level suppliers in the industry. Strict supplier selection standards and procedures and IQC control procedures ensure a good gold plating layer in the hole. , No blackening, discoloration and poor coating. For example, for lathe processing, it should be processed with a Japanese automatic lathe, so that the precision of the parts can be guaranteed within +/-0.01MM, but most factories use the cutting machine for processing, and the accuracy cannot be guaranteed at all. In terms of electroplating process, the thickness of the coating has a huge impact on the cost structure. The gold plating of TOPLINK is 16U", but most other brands are 1-2U", and the gap is very large. The process is extremely delicate and complex. From lathe processing, electroplating, and assembly, each process may bring serious hidden dangers.

  Pogo pin is a kind of precision connector used in electronic products such as mobile phones. It is widely used in the connection between mobile phone antennas, mobile phone batteries, etc. and mobile phone motherboards. There is a precision spring structure inside the pogo pin.

  Needle shaft: The material is generally selected as Becu or SK. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Becu has good conductivity, but lacks hardness. SK has high hardness, but it is easy to rust. Spring: It is also more important. SUS SWP, especially now that there are more and more PB free products, directly causes the pins or BGA solder balls to become soft or hard. During the test process, it was found that the original yield was very high. After changing the solder ball or lead material, the yield rate is extremely poor. The choice of spring pressure is very important. The test environment has very strict requirements on the material of the spring. The high and low temperature test directly affects the working life of the probe. Needle: There are many materials to choose from, and PB materials are generally used. The main reason for the low yield rate is that the impedance of the probe becomes larger during the test process. The increase in impedance is mostly caused by the arc wear of the needle shaft during the test, the damage of the coating, and the tin hanging on the needle shaft. How to solve the phenomenon of tin hanging on the needle shaft and the problem of soft coating. The alloy coating can effectively solve this problem, increase the hardness of the needle shaft and the surface of the alloy material is basically resistant to welding and frying. The problem of hanging tin can be effectively solved by the special Nanotek brush.

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