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Introduction to separable connectors.medical probe price

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  Introduction to separable connectors.medical probe price(图1)

  Connector functional definition: An electronic connector refers to an electronic device that can provide a separable contact interface between two subsystems of an electronic system.

  The separable contact interface itself has several requirements, including durability, bonding force and mechanical stability. Durability refers to the mating period during which the connector will function properly. The mating cycle required for a connector depends on its specific application. This number can be lower, around 10, when manufacturing process is more important than durability. In the case of portable computers, such as notebook computers for office or home use, thousands of cycles are required. Durability mainly concerns the possibility of depletion of the contact surface coating, which leads to the loss of corrosion protection and interface optimization mentioned in Chapter 3.

  Bonding force (the force required to connect the plug and socket of the connector) is particularly important for advanced terminal count connectors, which require tool-assisted installation or break due to their high bonding strength. Mechanical stability refers to the ability of a connector to withstand applied loads such as vibration, shock, and thermal cycling, which can cause interference on the contact surfaces. This interference may also produce electroplating peeling as described in Chapter 3.

  The main connector design and material factors that affect these operational performance are contact surface coating, normal contact force, and contact surface shape. Chapters 2 and 3 of this book describe the importance and effects of contact coatings on friction, wear, and their associated durability and adhesion.

  This chapter will discuss the influence of normal contact force and geometry on operational performance, with normal contact force being the focus, especially its generation, size, and maintenance of its stability.

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