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  The spring thimble consists of 3 parts. The needle head and the needle tube are generally made of the same material. Generally, brass in copper is used, but also stainless steel and alloy materials. The stainless steel series mainly include SUS430, SUS316, and SUS904. The series includes brass, phosphor bronze and beryllium copper. Brass has excellent electrical conductivity, and beryllium copper has good electrical conductivity and fatigue resistance; among the alloy series, Hastelloy is one of the best corrosion-resistant materials.

  The spring of the pogo pin is made of high carbon steel material, and common materials are SWP (piano steel wire), stainless steel and beryllium copper. SWP (piano steel wire) has good tensile properties, good elasticity and long mechanical life; but this material is a highly magnetic material, which is easy to rewind at high temperatures and is easy to corrode. Therefore, it must be treated before use; as for stainless steel, it is a low magnetic material and can resist high temperature, so it is also a common material for springs in pogopin; as for beryllium copper, it has excellent fatigue resistance and low impedance. However, its tensile properties are relatively poor, and it is usually not a good choice for small wire diameters and large force values.

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