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Do you know why electronic connectors are used?Connector Vendor

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  For functional reasons, electronic connectors are usually used because printed circuit boards in systems and electronic equipment need to be connected to the outside of the substrate when receiving/transmitting the output power of a signal. In many cases, there is a certain distance between the printed circuit board and the substrate, requiring wires to connect. Long distance connections can be made by soldering wires to the substrate.

  The construction of an electronic connector is simple: electrodes (contacts) are placed in a housing (gel shell). There are two types of contacts: rod or blade "plugs" and "sockets". Squeeze the plug all the way into the socket and cover to "mate". Typically, the socket is connected to the wire and the plug is connected to the substrate, but this can be reversed depending on usage. Connections of wires and contacts are typically made using "pressure-bonding" techniques, such as crimp-style terminals. "Pressure Soldering" can also be used to connect wires and contacts.

  Pressure welding technology is used for low current connections, allowing for full connection by simply attaching insulated wire to the contacts. Although this method is convenient, durability may be reduced as a result. The above two techniques can avoid overheating caused by solder technology and protect the connection from damage. In addition, the airtight connection area keeps the connection stable because it is not exposed to air.

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