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pogopin magnetic charging cable.Connector company

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pogopin magnetic charging cable.Connector company(图1)

  In terms of product structure, the magnetic charging cable includes a male end component and a female end component that is coaxial with the male end component, and uses the principle of magnetism to achieve the effect of adsorption. The magnetic suction line is relatively easy to use in the process of use. A magnet is fixed on it, and a magnetic substance is also fixed at the other end. As long as the two ends are close to each other, the suction and charging can be achieved. At present, according to the different charging products and structures, magnetic charging cables with various mechanical structures have been developed on the market, such as: circular structure, square structure, elongated structure, special-shaped structure, etc., adsorption method magnet-magnet, magnet - Different choices of alloys, magnets and iron sheets, to solve the circumvention of the magnetic field requirements of different structural ends, using NdFeB (permanent magnet) material, the magnetic force will never decay.

  Mainly in:

  Anti-drop: The suction interface is easy to remove, and it is not easy to drive the machine;

  Long life: up to 100,000-200,000 times of functional connection and charging;

  Waterproof design: The female end of the host can be dustproof and waterproof (IPX8);

  Fast charging time: 5A-10A design to withstand high current transmission;

  Space saving: The female end connector and PCB transfer can realize pogo type and SMT DIP jumper connection;

  Customization: Diversified shapes and styles, to match the shape of the host products, and improve the selling point of product grades;

  Magnet positioning: use the double junction of the magnet and the mechanism to protect the whole circuit from being fooled;

  Environmental protection requirements: excellent corrosion resistance grade (48H-120H) to meet harsh environment use

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