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Female connector test.sewing thimble price

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Female connector test.sewing thimble price(图1)

  For BTB/FPC female connector testing, most companies and manufacturers currently use the light touch solution to temporarily respond; when using pogo pin manufacturers to test the female connector, they can only touch the highest position of the connector terminal vertex, and the contact area is small , The contact method is point-to-point, the contact surface of the relative shrapnel is small, easy to wear and easy to contact after a certain number of uses, resulting in false detection and other phenomena.

  Pogopin is a spring-type probe formed by pre-pressing three basic components: spring, needle tube and needle shaft; it is made of several components, assembled, painted, and the process is complicated, but the service life is still not high; because There are some problems in pogopin itself. When testing the BTB female connector in actual operation, we learned the actual situation of some manufacturers:

  1. The test is unstable. The pogopin itself is a multi-part structure with many contact points, which is prone to problems such as unstable contact and low impedance consistency;

  2. During the test, the probe is often twisted, and then personnel are required to re-adjust the probe, which wastes a lot of time and labor costs

  3. Card PIN: also because it is composed of multiple structures, this is an unavoidable problem in pogopin;

  4. It is easy to break the needle: with the shrinking of the pitch, the needle diameter of the pogo is also getting smaller and smaller, which makes the risk of needle breakage of the probe gradually increase;

  5. The service life is very short: the service life of the probe is less than 30,000 times, and it is easy to wear and tear, and it is easy to cause poor contact and false detection after a certain service life;

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