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High-current BTB shrapnel microneedle module for battery connector testing.Electronic connector pric

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  High-current BTB shrapnel microneedle module for battery connector testing.Electronic connector pric(图1)

  As far as we know, at this stage, the test of the finished lithium battery and the battery protection board with the board-to-board connector method still adopts the traditional connector male and female socket to buckle. The test cost of this operation is relatively low, but the number of times of use is limited. . First of all, the test efficiency is not very high; secondly, the service life is short, only about 50 times; thirdly, the FPC connector of the battery will be damaged during the test, and there will be false detections, resulting in defective products passing the test, not only low production efficiency, but also In addition, it is difficult to improve the yield rate of finished products, which brings certain troubles to production.

  At present, the difficulty of testing lithium battery products is that the current is large (the charge and discharge overcurrent protection test item requires a range of 4.5-40A). The overcurrent of the probe in the traditional probe test fixture can only reach 2A, so there is no The method uses traditional probe fixtures to test. And Hongyi Electronics' high-current shrapnel microneedle module just solves this pain point for customers. The battery overcurrent detection can withstand overcurrent up to 50A, which greatly helps the factory to improve the test speed, while the test equipment has a longer life, does not damage the battery BTB connector, and the battery yield will be improved to a higher level.

  The high-current shrapnel microneedle module is made by laser equipment using a special process. The contact shape and overall height can be easily made according to customer requirements. Compared with the composition of pogopin, our shrapnel microneedle (blade block) is integrally formed. Because the integrated process current is conducted in the same material body, the resistance is constant, and there is almost no current attenuation, so it has a better connection function; it can withstand 50A high current, low damage rate, and high test yield, becoming a high-current BTB shrapnel microneedle A synonym for mold electricity.

  Current market trend: With the shrinking of pitch, in the field of small pitch (≤0.3mm), the high-current BTB shrapnel microneedle module (blade block) developed by Hongyi Electronics provides a good test solution, stable and reliable , especially prominent in the BTB test project for high current, and the maximum constant current test can withstand 50A.

  It can be applied to 3C lithium battery products that require high current testing, such as FPC/BTB connector male and female. The advantages are summarized as follows: the integrated design of the shrapnel, can withstand the maximum constant current test of 50A, long test life, stable and reliable performance, response to pitch < 0.3mm, high precision, low impedance, strong overcurrent capability, can be customized to choose a variety of head shrapnel , The test yield is as high as 99.8%.

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